Episode 0

Summer, sometime in 2004 I was at a house party near the Tijuana border celebrating a successful show from one of the bands in our tight-nit San Diego music community.

The life of the party was guest of honor, Marcos Curiel, the famed guitarist, producer, & songwriter for platinum selling artist P.O.D.. Marcos was very much a figurehead of the community somehow keeping his down-home vibe with the locals after seeing incredible success.

I had met Marcos while attending one of his live shows for side project Accident Experiment years earlier and began frequenting shows of other active bands within our group of friends as a musician hungry to join or start my own project.

Knowing this, Marcos had slapped me on the chest and introduced me to one of his old-school homies from the neighborhood before POD’s rise to stardom.

Apparently the aforementioned fellow had secured $20k advance from Capitol Records to produce an EP. 3 tracks of which Marcos agreed to write, arrange, & produce. Obviously interested I was honored to meet the guy and hop in on a project with Marcos.

For years prior I had been producing music of my own accord using a custom PC solution I designed & built myself. And my previous experience working with other artists had been collaborations with my brother/artist, CineMathMatic, and various producers & MCs in the Imperial Beach Hip Hop scene.

Producing music on a PC was highly frowned upon by most professional producers at the time as the hardware, tools, & stability just didn’t seem to be up to snuff to run a DAW like Pro Tools; however, I built a desktop machine fast, stable, & efficient enough to produce CD quality audio (16-bit) which was the highest bit-depth of digital media available to mass market at the time.

Prior to that fateful moment of being tapped by my local hero to join a project, I spent years devoting thousands of hours learning the art & craft of songwriting & producing music paying close attention to what the pros were doing and learning all I could from trade magazines & heroes.