Los Angeles based recording artist, Draven Midnight along with his band Undead Hearts write and perform songs with teeth. CUTTING EDGE alternative rock THAT DOESN’T SUCK.

Relocating from hometown San Diego to Los Angeles on the tail end of 2005 after a year and half of dedicated his craft as bassist/songwriter to a Marcos Curiel side project, Loving Sadness, Midnight left home for L.A. to take the Foo Fighters meets Smashing Pumpkins infused rock project to the big time.

Off to a presumably good start, auditioning new players to round out the act was way beyond challenging.

Not able to retain more than the core 2 members of the act, the bassist found himself into an emotional downward spiral that left him carless, jobless, homeless and nearly friendless on the streets of Hollywood. Though through the loving grace of a guardian angel kept him out of trouble for too long he quickly sprung back onto his feet.

Fixedly focused on self improvement from the damage of bottled up melodramatic teenage angst and unresolved personal issues, he felt that the music industry wasn’t the place for him and he had to get back to basics. Get a stable base of operations, then setup plans to take over the world.

Summer 2007, not long afterward discovering a plethora of Draven’s demos released on MySpace the artist was approached by Florida-based Indie label, Pop Up Records to contribute to their forthcoming tribute record to resurgent 1990’s Space Rock legends, FAILURE.

Winter saw the deadline to submit to the tribute and instead of delivering radio ready material worthy of meeting the craft of standard and quality that the originals would admire, sadly, the artist was in a SUICIDAL TAIL SPIN after being violently assaulted on the mean streets of LA.

On the RAZORS EDGE of crashing FACE FIRST through a plate glass window off the 4th story of his Korea Town apartment, Draven instead ducked into a nearby broom closet allowing himself to become COMPLETELY UNHINGED, SCREAMING BLOODY MURDER while coming to grips with his self-fabricated conspiracy theory-laden family curse story involving secret dark government experiments and alien abduction was falling to apart and was in fact something else far more tangible, yet just as disturbing.

As an infant through toddlerhood and into kindergarten he was routinely sexually abused by a predator close in the family tree.

Again through the grace of his angels, the emotional tormented singer came to pieces over the phone with a newly acquainted author and psychiatrist, Dianne de la Vega. As fortune would have it, she specialized in trauma cases involving sexual abuse and immediately brought Draven in for recurring pro bono sessions giving him the tools to cope with unloading the stored body memory of physical trauma, and ways to alleviate the pain of psychic scarring without pharmaceuticals.

Well over a year passed and Draven soon found himself to be in peak professional condition and decided to strike out again with music. In 2009 he reached out to Garret Baldwin, friend, fan, and buddy from his interactive marketing days who also is a killer bassist for Orange County pop punk outfit, Brookhurst.

Garret, aka G-Ratt for those in the know, connected Drave with former bandmates of Goodbye Valentine, guitarist/producer, Danny Balistocky and drummer, Joe Herrera at Revolution 9 Records in Hollywood, CA to record the WeHo Punk Rawk Mix of Wonderful Life.

Raw and melodically chaotic, the cover became a bridge to Draven Midnight’s current project, Undead Hearts.

The Undead Hearts are a phoenix risen from the ashes of the goth industrial, cyberpunk days of the artist formative years and have emblazoned to a much more light, more colorful tone. Something similar to progenitors Alice In Chains, Nirvana, and Soundgarden. Borrowing from classic recording techniques and relying on good takes instead of technology to produce a record have caught onto something unique in the sea of safe, underproduced indie bands currently on the rise.

Heavy, down-tuned, and sonically refreshing, Draven Midnight & The Undead Hearts write and perform songs with teeth. CUTTING EDGE ALTERNATIVE ROCK from Los Angeles.